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11 settembre 2023 | Youth cultures, social generations and the making of youth collectivities

Pubblicato: Lunedì 4 settembre 2023

Youth cultures, social generations and the making of youth collectivities

Seminario con Dan Woodman, Professor of Sociology University of Melbourne
Introduce Carlo Genova
Discutono Sonia Bertolini e Rosy Musumeci

Organizzato dal Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società e dal Master in Organizzazione e Sviluppo delle Risorse Umane

11 settembre 2023 ore 16.00
Torino, CLE, aula 3D233

“This presentation draws on and updates the sociology of generations to argue for betterattending to the way young people make time for cultural practices, something oftentaken for granted in both subcultural and post-subcultural framings of youth culture.Drawing on multiple rounds of data collection (2008 and 2017) from a mixed-methodsstudy of youth in Australia, I show how the social conditions that shapes the lives of thecontemporary generation of young people in Australia mean that the timetables andrhythms of the participant’s lives are constantly varying in a way that is distinctive relativeto previous generations. Contemporary life demands efforts, often drawing on digitaltechnology, to synchronise schedules to engage in leisure and collectively create andconsume culture offline. I use these findings to engage with dates about social changeand youth culture”.

Professor of Sociology at the University of Melbourne, co-Chief Investigator of the Life Patternsstudy of young adulthood in Australia, he has published widely on generational change andthe new social conditions impacting on young adults. He is on the Executive Committee ofthe International Sociological Association (ISA) and President of the Research Committee forthe Sociology of Youth (RC34) within the ISA. He was President of The Australian SociologicalAssociation for two terms (2017-2020) and is current President of the Council for theHumanities, Arts and Social Sciences in Australia. He is also co-Editor in Chief of the Journal ofYouth Studies.

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