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16 febbraio 2024 | Istanbul-Cancún-San Diego. Investigating the ongoing migrations from Turkey to the United States

Pubblicato: Venerdì 19 gennaio 2024

Istanbul-Cancún-San Diego. Investigating the ongoing migrations from Turkey to the United States

Intervengono Chiara Maritato, Erika Pinheiro, Nicoló Filippo Rosso

Organizzato da Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, Center for the Study of International Migration, Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società

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16 febbraio 2024 ore 12.00

Drawing on observations and interviews with migrants from Turkey living in the open-air detention sites (OADS) located in Jacumba Hot Springs and Boulevard, the seminar presents preliminary findings and theoretical reflections on what are the reasons behind this migration trajectory and how it operates. What has been problematized as “a new wave” of Turkish diaspora speaks to Turkey’s ongoing authoritarian turn and severe economic crises. However, it also signals the relevance of visa regimes and shifts in US migration and asylum policy on the global migration governance. The visa-free policy allowing to travel from Turkey to Mexico moves closer two transit and emigration countries which have respectively become essential to the EU and the US externalization of border control. The contributions of Al Otro Lado activist, Erika Pinheiro, and photographer Nicoló Filippo Rosso cast light on OADS as places where migrants who have just crossed into US territory wait before being identified and where local solidarity is providing critical services, including food, tents, clothing and aid to hundreds of migrants from around the globe.

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