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From the purchase of whiteness to the naturalization procedures: race and citizenship in the atlantic world [RACIT]

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Federica Morelli

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This project aims to tackle the present issue of citizenship and naturalisation by considering the multiethnic late colonial and early independent American societies a suggestive comparative context. The question will be explored analysing the petitions of free coloured persons: people of African descent who, for their origin, were considered not only inferiors but also foreigners, and thus excluded from citizenship. Yet, their status in both the late colonial and early independent periods was very ambiguous and in some cases they could obtain the same rights as citizens. Their petitions and the decisions taken by state authorities can clarify the concept of citizenship and its relationship with race between the end of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th. Furthermore, they can be considered relevant precedents to study the naturalisation procedures of contemporary immigrants residing in European countries.


Foto: José de Alcibar, "De espanol y negra, mulato" Denver Art Museum, Collection of Jan and Frederick Mayer.

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