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Accordo Quadro di collaborazione scientifica sul tema della Patologia delle dipendenze

Unione Europea
Programma di ricerca
H2020 Knowledge and Innovation Communities (EIT-KIC)
Ente finanziatore
Unione Europea
29/06/2021 - 31/12/2021
Egidio Dansero

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The Public Engagement Func??onal Area aims to ac??vely promote and support a shi?? in engagement from consumers as passive recipients, to ci??zens as change agents. It is the inten??on of EIT Food to build a strong por??olio of public engagement ac??vi??es that contributes to societal impact and have a strong outreach component. With a drive for mul??-year and larger ac??vi??es in, and as such larger total investments per ac??vity, we have introduced the Proof of Concepts (PoC) for Societal Poten??al for new Public Engagement ac??vi??es as a first step for all new ac??vi??es. A PoC is a scoping exercise to determine/test whether an idea, a certain concept or approach when turned into reality would bring societal impact as envisioned. It is an opportunity for consor??a to spend sufficient ??me on tes??ng and demonstra??ng the relevance of the proposed approach chosen for establishing the societal impact feasibility of the project. As part of the EIT Food 2021 call, a specific open call for PoCs was launched and reviewed by external reviewers. To complement our current por??olio, 7 proposals which fit under RIS and within the below themes in line with the EIT Food impact indicators and Focus Areas have been selected:
• 3 PoC in THEME 1 - Improving societal health to reduce childhood obesity
• 3 PoC in THEME 2 - Improving societal health to reduce the prevalence of NCDs
• 1 PoC in THEME 3 - Sustainability in the food chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
PoC56 Social capital in local food systems: Increasing capabili??es of diabe??c people in deprived neighbourhoods
PoC56: Social capital in local food systems: Increasing capabili??es of diabe??c people in deprived neighbourhoods
Task 1. Mapping all the subjects and prac??ces of the local food system
Task 2. Mapping local leaders
Task 3. Engagement of subjects in iden??fying and designing new specific ac??ons
Task 4. Implementa??on of new ac??vi??es
Task 5. Assessment of ac??on
Tas 6. Diffusion and transferability
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