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Re-Balancing: REsearch organisations in search of a BALANCE IN gender policies and practices

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01/03/2019 - 28/02/2021
Cristina Solera

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The RE-BALANCING Project (Research organisations in search of a balance in gender policies and practices) aims to bring cultural, organisational and structural change to promote gender equality through the means of the implementation of gender equality plans in 4 public universities (both in STEMM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine- and SSH- Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines) and in 3 private companies (performing research in male-dominated sectors, such as in the field of automotive engineering, ICT and electronics) in 4 different countries with still quite traditional gender regimes (Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Spain), with the support of two other universities (Lithuania and the UK) which have long established expertise in “gendering research and policies” and can work as partners in charge of the monitoring and of the mentoring.
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