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The Global Production Of Local Atmosphere. Cosmopolitan Urbanism, Urban Revival And The Local Scale (GLOCALSPHERE)

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Compagnia di San Paolo 2012
Prof. Giovanni Semi

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As the world is experiencing an increased role of cities in the geography of power, wealth and influence, the way citizens, passengers and consumers apprehend this shift is mostly at the local scale. In neighborhoods, streets, crossroads, squares, marketplaces, cafés and restaurants, people spend a huge part of their life and income. The last thirty years have witnessed an unbalanced urban and regional development in Europe under which several policies have reframed most of the cities and city-regions within a broader model of multi-level governance. The double effect of European policies directed to sub-national territories together with the re-composition of the State was the providing of a fragmented set of local interventions based on both political reconfigurations and local activation of growth machines able to compete for public and private international, European, national, regional and local funds. If we give a closer look to the relationship between the localization of policies and uneven development within specific cities, we observe the making of zones considered as quintessentially authentic. At the neighborhood scale we observe that in any city some places become active and convincing in offering authentic urban experiences. One of the reasons of this success lies on the capacity to provide a certain atmosphere.

In order to investigate the issue of the global production of local atmosphere we suggest a two-step path of objectives, identifying the temporal development of the whole project:
STEP 1, THE START-UP PHASE: 18 months - The reconstruction of the scientific literature - The reconstruction of the European network of scholars on these issues: - The organization of an international workshop - Development of the research project aimed at participating at ERC starting grant.
STEP 2: - Network analysis of architecture and design firms - Case studies on place-making: data gathering and analysis - Organization of an international conference.

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