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ChangIng Families, Changing insTitutions? [InFaCt]

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Compagnia di San Paolo
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Compagnia di San Paolo
01/05/2017 - 01/11/2019
Manuela Naldini

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The project is focused on family diversity and institutional changes and in particular on parent/children relationships in blended families, lone-parent families, same-sex parent families, families with an innovative father's role, and migrant families. These types of families are the result of changes rarely explored together. Through a sociological and legal perspective, the project intends first of all to furnish insights on the frequency and features of these different family forms, in which an increasing number of women, men and children spend significant parts of their life courses. Secondly, by giving voice to both individuals belonging to these families and to public institutions such as early childhood education and care (ECEC) organizations, schools and social services, this research project intends to foster the (best) institutional practices in regard to new families. These institutions are indeed central because they are at the forefront of both everyday interactions with adults and children in new families, and of everyday production of discourses around them, around what is a family, and what types of rights have to be guaranteed, for whom and why.

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